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July 5, 2009
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Why by rosesmusings Why by rosesmusings
:iconlightskin:’s meme.

I said I’d do this ages ago, but only barely got around to doing it recently. ^^;

Just feel free to ignore this piece if you don’t like the ship. I don’t mind the other ships, (and they can have just as many good points and justifications), this is just the one that I like and prefer. So please, no bashing. I’d hate to have to remove comments or turn them off completely.


These two are quite possibly my favorite ship out of any fandom. ^^

They both start out so innocent and naïve - just these uncertain little kids who grow up so much throughout the story - into capable, strong, independent teenagers. The animators were absolutely brilliant in portraying that, as well; the changes are slightly subtle, but you can definitely tell that the characters have aged a lot at the end, compared to where they were at the beginning of the series.
It’s interesting to see how their relationship grows throughout the story, as well. I love that Mike and Bryan, and the writers, were able to create such believable, complex characters that are capable of change and deep thoughts, making incredibly difficult decisions, holding true to their beliefs amidst the adversity and problems around them, and having the will to admit that they have weaknesses.
Aang has just about one of the sweetest, silliest personalities, and always looks at the bright side of life, despite all of the difficulties he’s been through - the genocide of his people, especially. Although he can occasionally be irresponsible, he’ll take the role of leader when it’s most needed. He has an incredibly genuine, caring heart, and has been one of the most forgiving characters of the series.
Katara is very strong and isn’t afraid to stand up and fight for who she is. She never gives into despair - always believing that there is some form of hope - no matter how small. She’s very protective, as well - watching out for the group, listening and offering advice. Her brother, Sokka, even admits that he really relied on Katara’s strength - and that she was what kept their family together after their mother’s death.
I just really love the dynamic of the two - Katara’s always there to listen to Aang, bringing him away from whatever pain or sadness he’s going through - and reminding him that there’s still good and hope in the world, while Aang encourages her through her fears and vulnerabilities, and reminds her to smile and see the happier things in life.
I find it very true, sweet, and adorable. :heart:

…Whew, bit of a long post.
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Aaaaaawwww so cute ☺
Aaawww They're just so cute together
KataangLover55 Apr 24, 2013   Traditional Artist
To: ~chaz172 : They do if you read the comics it's shows what happened after the battle with the fire lord promise part 1,2,and 3 plus the search part 1,2,and 3
What is she doing, kissing his ear?
I agree 100% with your post! Kataang will forever be my favourite couple! I wish they got more series so we could see them together!!
May I feature this in a Kataang fan art video tribute? If so, I will make sure you are properly credited in the description box.
rosesmusings Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This calls for a huge, loud, fangirly awwwww!!! :love: They're just so cute. Awesome drawing! :thumbsup:
*notices Aang's posture*
Gaaah!! How on Earth and Mars is that done?! Whenever I try to do it, it friggin' hurts!
Ponycrazy7597 Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww... These two are definitely one of my favorites. :love:
I love Aang's blush. :D It makes him absolutely adorable. :hug:
But bad Katara for disturbing him when he is trying to meditate. haha. :poke:
I don't think Aang minds that PARTICULAR distraction though. :giggle: Even though he'll NEVER get back to meditating. He won't be able to concentrate. haha :D He'd been meditating long enough in Katara's opinion anyway. :blowkiss: :giggle:
Silverstar1311 Dec 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
awwww this makes me :squee:. anyways i'm wondering do you still draw kataang or have you left the fandom???
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